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statutory notices

The devices are destined for dental implants.
Before use, always read the specific instructions included in the delivery.
The devices are in classes I, IIa and IIb.

All the products are delivered, referenced and indexed in accordance with the standards in force.
The manufacturer reserves the right to carry out without notice any modification to improve the quality of the products.

Transparency CSP (Code du statut personnel) [Personal Status Code] Article. Length: 1453


Conforming to Article 2 of the Act n° 2011-2012 of 29 December 2011 and with the Decree n° 2013-414 of 21 May 2013, the company Biotech Dental is required to declare and make public all of the agreements which it has concluded with certain categories of health sector stakeholders defined by the law as well as any benefits in kind or cash granted to these same stakeholders since 1 January 2013.
The objective of this internet page is to make the information mentioned above available to the public.
Everyone whose information is reproduced on the page “Transparence” (Transparency) on the Biotech Dental internet site in accordance with the provisions of the Article R.1453-7 of the Public Health Code and Act n° 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms is reminded that they have the right to ask Biotech Dental to modify and correct information concerning them, however they cannot oppose the publication of such information.

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