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The implant was born of an innovative concept. It was designed while keeping in mind scientific knowledge proven for 30 years in the field of implantology and manufacturing constraints, which allows for a combination of high technical performance and very high quality at an attractive price. 
Its goal is to facilitate access to implantology for the practitioners as well as for the patients, offering all the required elements for optimum results. targets the essential: 

  • Design and production based on scientific basis
  • Ease of use,
  • Streamlined range,
  • Online sale

100% French manufacture

Biotech dental has been manufacturing its dental implants and prosthetic parts for almost 30 years. Manufacturing is done exclusively in France according to high-precision micromechanical principales.
These requirements also apply to the manufacture of and it is certified by the Label Origine France Garantie.

Label OFG

Implant design

  • Cylindrical-conical implant
  • Integrated plateform switching
  • Conical platform connection: centring cone + deep hexagonal connection
  • Titanium grade 4B implant (T60)
  • Sand-blasted and etched surface providing excellent wettability
  • Self-tapping thread
  • Nontraumatic apex


The implant adapts to any clinical case. The grade 4B titanium, provides the safety of pure titanium with the superior mechanical resistance of titanium alloys. Its sand blasted and acid-edged surface ensures the absence of contamination and garanties an excellent wettability for a perfect osseointegration. 

Surgery case

  • Compact, for minimal clutter and optimal storage.
  • Clear thanks to color markings for quick instrument identification.
  • Practical, fast and easy to open, facilitating access to instruments.
  • Fully dismontable for deep cleaning,
  • Sterilizable.

Drills and reamers

  • Complete range of drills and reamers
  • Innovative treatment: shiny tip and matt drill body to prevent reflections from the operating light.
  • Two drills lengths to adapt to different clinical situations
  • The drill bits have a clear and precise marking that indicates the different drilling lengths
  • Removable drill stops can be used for a perfect and more efficient drilling depth
  • Axial and depth gauges for each drill diameter to control and position the implant optimally.


Impression taking

  • Open Tray method : pick up Transfer
  • Closed tray method : pop up Transfer

Prosthetic restorations

The allows for all types of prosthetic restorations:
  • Cement retained prosthesis: standard abutments, Nano-Post abutments.
  • Screw retained prosthesis: conical abutments.
  • Overdentures: ball attachment.
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