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Pr Jean-Pierre Bernard

« The implant provides all elements necessary for the development of high-quality, everyday practices in implantology. It can be used for all indications and in all conditions. Personally, I have used it a lot in conventional situations: use in a healed site (minimum of 6–8 weeks after extraction) and delayed implant (8–12 weeks after placement), but it can be used in all gap situations. The implant is an implant providing all elements currently scientifically recognised as satisfying the needs of modern dental implantology. Thanks to its prosthetic options, all solutions are possible. I have personally performed conventional fixed ceramo-metal prosthetic rehabilitations. The prosthetic parts of the system are ideally suited for all possible restoration cases. The main advantage of the implant is in its design principle: optimisation of all steps, providing an implant that satisfies all current quality requirements at the lowest possible cost. It is an essential step towards providing the largest number of patients possible access to the benefits of implantology. Because of the intrinsic qualities of the implant and the results from its clinical use, I can recommended it without reservations for all clinical situations involving gaps. »

Dr Franck-Albert Zerah

« The is a very good implant. I have used it in all possible situations, always with the same positive result. It is an easy implant to place, thanks to its non-aggressive threading. I have performed the placement of all possible types of prostheses; from single teeth using a bridge, to Ackermann bars or bridges screwed to bases. The prosthetic parts have good retention and dimensions that are pleasant to handle. It’s a real pleasure. There are no advantages or disadvantages. It is a good implant suitable for all implant situations and cases possible. I would recommend it without hesitation. »

Dr Ayham Mousa

« The implant has a highly advantageous cylindrical-conical shape, making it possible to place it with great ease, even in proximity to the sinus floor. I tested the implant in several indications including former gap, post-extraction, simple implant and posterior bridge. And I can especially recommend it for simple implant and posterior gaps. The implant abutment range and pop-up and pick-up transfers are more than sufficient for all cases. The implant is easy to use. I highly recommend it. »
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